Thursday, January 7, 2010

Live Longer: Don't Win the Lottery

Winning a large sum of money could be harmful to your health if you have greedy friends.

I'm feeling much better now that I've stopped watching spooky You Tube videos.


C-Span ratings are about to go way up.

Good to see Americans are now spending more time at home.

Take care, all.

PS - Looks like stocks are a sure bet.

Thanks, Uncle Ponzi.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I've just been given less time to live

Yesterday I spent an hour calculating when I'd die if I were like my dad. Little did I know that I could have gone to and gotten the correct answer in 10 seconds or less. The internet is horrible. Today I've been given 154 fewer days to live!

See the title above the picture? CLICK ON IT. It'll take you to the Countdown clock I discovered today. Now I know how someone feels who's just been told they have less time to live. I took it pretty well. I've decided to waste less time than planned.

Oh well. Even Barack Obama has problems.


On my way to learning about the Countdown Clock widget, I also learned that the Mormons are pretty stingy when it comes to helping others out. This is odd, because they boast of great generosity whenever there's a camera or microphone present.

Let me show you an example. Tomorrow. I want to recheck my figures, so I don't have to retract anything. Don't miss it.


If you learned you had five months less to live, how would you compensate? As for me, I'll stop watching radical You Tube videos. You know, the ones that show Nicholas Cage in Wicker Man. (A movie representing US government involvement in the World Trade Center demolition, and subsequent Martial law, round-ups and final Christian genocide. Cage represents the American people.) Who needs that kind of foresight, anyway? Too depressing!

Instead I'll limit my mental intake to talented musicians, poignant speeches and proven sources of worthwhile offerings. This single daily change will give me much more than just 5 months back over the next 23 years, I'm sure.

My wife just woke up. Gotta run.

Hope your New Year is going well so far.

See ya soon.

- - -

"A word to the wise is sufficient."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blog of an aging man: T Minus 8,758

Tuesday, 11:45 AM - If I live to the same exact lifespan of my father, I'll die on July 28, 2033. That would be just nine days short of my 80th birthday, (same as my dad). He died nine days shy of his 80th birthday.

I counted the number of days I'd still have to live so that I will (hopefully) create a life worthwhile on the tail end. So far, I've been practicing, making mistakes and wasting much of my years. Let's see if I can correct that from here onward. When you see the big picture of your life, the perspective becomes motivational.

If I live to be as old as dad did, then I'm at my 70% point exactly, as of January 1, 2010.

I've already lived 20,453 days (as of today). I've calculated that every 29.21 days that pass is another 1% of my life that's gone by. Dad lived a total of 29,211 days. If I live that many days, that means I've still got 8,758 days left for my use.

When this all came to my attention today, I decided to blog about what I do with those remaining days. Maybe someone will be interested. If so, great! If not, I'll just do it for myself, and maybe my children and grand-children will find it amusing.

My father was a copious Journal writer. Almost daily for about half of his life. I'll tell you a bit about that later.

For now, let me just get the statistics straight.


I am 56 years years, and 5 months old today. Exactly. I've lived 70% of my life. Exactly. I have 8,758 days left to go, exactly...IF I live to be the same age as my father did. He died 13 months ago.

Hope you find this of interest. I'll spice it up with my very favorite songs and speeches, documentaries, some quotes and other trivia.

That's it for now.

See ya tomorrow!

- - -

"In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is King."